4 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay: 02/Dec/21”

    1. Yes, that’s such a good description. Here’s Stuart’s response to me when I commented about the location:

      Thanks, Lynette. This one is actually from our trip to Yorkshire, visiting my brother and his wife, who took us to this spot I last visited over 30 years ago!
      The beck weaves through a narrow valley, at the head of which is a high waterfall known as Hardraw Force. The owners of the pub that gives access to this private land have installed three bridges over the beck to give visitors (you pay at the entrance) the best possible experience of the place.
      Last time we visited it was possible to circle the pool beneath the fall and even to stand behind the curtain of water. That’s no longer permitted, as the rocks have become slippery due to erosion. But the place is still very worth visiting. We had a lovely time there, and a pleasant lunch in the pub. I’ll be posting a picture of the actual fall later on.

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