13 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. A serene landscape Lynette. +7 and melting here yesterday. Almost time for some fresh snow to cover up the mess. Happy Thursday. Allan

  2. Absolutely lovely. I’m hoping for some snow pretty soon but it’s not looking good. We put up our lights yesterday, all but a few. I have to pick up a few replacement strands to fill in the gaps. It’s a little wobbly as far as moods go, but I’m still jumping up into festive. Hope you are, too.

    1. I am, thank you. I’m taking a bit of time off in a little over two weeks so that always makes me feel festive. And of course, this area does start to look like a postcard. I hope you get some snow to highlight those lights!

  3. Nothing like having 17 at family Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season! I’m looking forward to snow, but it can wait another week until I’m home.

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