18 thoughts on “In a Hurry”

    1. We saw this wolf running down the road as we were driving. He paid no attention to us and seemed very intent on getting somewhere. I watched him in the rear view and he eventually veered off into the forest.

    1. Yes. Wolves are a common sight. This isn’t the greatest photo as I took it through the window of our truck while my husband was driving. I have never seen packs of them, although they do live in extended families. The most I’ve seen is two of them gnawing on a bison carcass.

    1. I have seen them next to the roads before, and usually they take off in a flash, but this one really seemed like he had an appointment to keep and the road was the shortest route! Yes, I managed to click (through a dirty window) at the right time while we passed him.

    1. We are used to seeing glimpses of them (they usually take off at the sight of a human) and lots of other animals. I’m actually more concerned about bears as they at times will try to get into your vehicle or even your house. This wolf paid no attention to us at all and once we had passed him he went into the woods. We were very surprised to see him running down the road like that. Definitely a very healthy looking and gorgeous boy!

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