12 thoughts on “Clear Skies …”

      1. I remember our first winter in Dawson Creek when my brother and I were out for a walk with my dad and he noticed a white patch on my cheek. I remember it because I hadn’t seem him panic like that before. He rubbed my cheek (I don’t think that really helps, but who knows?) and he rushed us home. I was okay, but it was sure cold even though the sky was blue. The wind was biting at our exposed skin. Luckily he recognized that this could be a problem. After that we were always wrapped up like mummies.

        1. Frostbite can happen very quickly and sometimes in fairly benign temperatures. I have definitely had frostbitten ears a couple of times. Is that cheek spot still a problem? Is it more sensitive to cold? That’s usually the result of frostbite.

          1. I think my dad got us inside quickly enough that time. Lucky he noticed! But my feet and hands are another story. No real frostbite, but agony to thaw out each time, and they get cold easily ever since. I am not a fan of cold weather.

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