13 thoughts on “Bye, Autumn”

  1. I’m wondering how much longer autumn is going to stay here too! It’s very pretty, but has a general feeling that nature is starting to settle down and hand over the show to our winter visiting birds.

    1. It was lingering in the north (NWT) as well, but winter has arrived now! It has been snowing every day (either a little or a lot) for the last two weeks. The Okanagan has been having a very extended autumn.

  2. Warm memories Lynette. Went for a walk here yesterday and froze my face and it is only November. Can’t wait for spring. Happy Sunday. Allan

    1. Yes, they certainly are warm, particularly right now. It has been snowing and snowing here in the north although not too cold yet (-12C). I can’t wait for spring either, but I will be going to Penticton for winter break where it at least will be warmer!

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