8 thoughts on “Pretty Bottles”

    1. I think these are really pretty. I like going to flea markets and such to find them, but they’re starting to be scarce; quite a lot harder to fins and the prices have gone up. Lots of others like them too!

    1. Right? I actually re-use them for wine, vinegar, oil and the like, although I’ve noticed lately that they are starting to get pricier at the flea markets where I look for them.

  1. The blue is my favorite! Blue glass is kind of a thing for me. I have so many pieces, though most are more modern and not old, though I do have quite a few old ones thrown in.

    1. The blue glass (cobalt glass, as it’s called) can be quite valuable if it’s older than 1890 or so. This one is probably from the 1930s or 40s. I agree that it’s very pretty; I really like that shade.

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