17 thoughts on “Happy Hiking”

    1. Thank you very much, Linda. There are really wonderful trails around Penticton. It’s sometimes hard to keep walking (I stop a lot!) because there are such great views and the countryside is beautiful.

    1. Good reminder! They apparently can distinguish the trails because of all the vibrations and do tend to stay away from them, but my years in southern Alberta has taught me some caution. One of our dogs was bitten by a small one and got quite sick before we got him to the vet (we were 10 km out on a trail), but he fully recovered. He was careful after that, too!

    1. Thank you very much, Stuart. Yes, that is part of Lake Okanagan. I love this trail that hugs the lake and traverses vineyards, giant sage bushes, orchards and small areas of dense forest. And the views are marvellous! I took that photo a week ago Saturday, so it’s amazing to think about it now as I slog through the snow and dropping temperatures since I am back in the north. It’s a lot colder here!

      1. Keep warm, Lynette. We’re still experiencing warmer than usual temperatures here, so I expect winter will turn out very cold when it finally arrives! Still nothing like the temperatures you have to endure, though. Wrap up well.

        1. Thank you, Stuart. I have excellent coats, parkas and boots, but I have to say that I won’t be missing them when I retire and go back to more temperate climes! Enjoy your warm weather while you can.

    1. Thank you very much, Mei. A storm from the day before was just clearing and along with the sage bushes contributed to the muted colour palette. This was taken from one of my favourite hiking trails. 🙂

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