Penticton’s Public Art Walk

Penticton has a public art walk that tends to receive additions every year. One of this year’s is of a playful little dachshund who (as is their nature) will jump on anything, no matter how unbalanced.

Sculpture by Joanne Helm

The artist, Joanne Helm, not only celebrates this dachshund characteristic with a sweet and whimsical sculpture, but reminds us that we could all do with a little joyful unbalance in our lives, with living in the moment just for the sheer fun of it.

Sometimes, life is much too lifelike.

6 thoughts on “Penticton’s Public Art Walk”

    1. Me too. In fact, I would be willing to read a post that showed the whole thing even if it took all day. I am just that joyfully imbalanced. (SMALL HINT).

    1. Yes, I agree – very fitting! I like being surprised by the artworks (you could do a formal walk following the directions on the app); just discovering them. They’re a lot of fun.

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