16 thoughts on “The Strand”

  1. Safe travels back NWT Lynette. Retirement is coming. Today, I celebrate 7 years in the best promotion I ever worked for. Cheers. Allan

    1. Thank you, Allan. I feel a bit like a child waiting for birthday presents! Very much looking forward to the time when I can be retired and can stay put (except for the travelling. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  2. At first I thought that was snow, but then I realized that’s just sand because this picture was taken in the Okanagan. I’m sure you’ll get some snow soon when you’re back in NWT.

    1. I landed in Yellowknife to snow, and it hasnโ€™t stopped! Big, fat, moisture-laden flakes. At least itโ€™s not cold yet; only about -1, -2. Driving for any distance is an adventure, though!

      1. I used to have Canon equipment in the 1980s, Lynette. A lot of it. Circumstances, combining with a sense that digital was going to render most professional photography redundant, made me sell the lot. That was in the days of film, of course. When I eventually replace my much-used Nikon, I’ll probably return to the Canon.

        1. The little Canon I use is an old digital from about 2007 or so. Itโ€™s quite small with a really great retractable lens. In the north it lives in my vehicle and has been frozen solid, -30C and much colder, more times than I can count. I also left it in the truck during the +45C we had in the summer. It always works and by now, it certainly doesnโ€™t owe me anything!

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