Laughter Is the Best Medicine

This sculpture of a naked, laughing youth is on Vancouver’s waterfront.

He’s definitely carefree and just enjoying life, something I could appreciate as my M and I were doing the same thing!

There is a nearby plaque that is supposed to explain the sculpture’s background, but I found it to be worded in a rather convoluted, overly arty sort of way. I took a picture of it but I’ve decided to leave it out. I think it’s better to just let the viewer do the interpreting.

Happy weekend from Vancouver’s naked laughing guy!

23 thoughts on “Laughter Is the Best Medicine”

  1. I’m glad you discovered him, Lynette. “Proud Youth” is the title, so he is definitely meant to be laughing not retching (though I love the pun) — including laughing at all the mixed reactions, one assumes.

    1. Yes, he’s called “Proud Youth” but when I did the post I couldn’t remember the title and didn’t want to look it up as I just wanted to post him as is. Mistermuse is a great punster. I agree – he’s laughing at the reactions!

      1. Maybe you can explain to me how to add a comment? I filled out the ‘reply’ box, with name and email and all, and then couldn’t find any ‘send’ mechanism — I wanted to add the link for the Quote Investigator website, and also reference the time Whistler said something witty, Wilde said “I wish I’d said that” and Whistler replied, “You will, Oscar, you will” — wonderful!

          1. I must go look again. I couldn’t see a Comment lozenge, only the Reply box. and even there, no Send option. It’s obviously me, not the site, because lookit all the comments posted! It’s late-morning now, I am caffeinated and ready for the challenge…

    1. We don’t tend to have many of those founder or historical figure types of statues (some of course). Chen Wenling is the artist of this one. It’s meant as an encouragement to laugh, enjoy life, not take it too seriously. Cheers, Lynette

  2. Wow I love this sculpture😂 it’s gives off the impression that even though his naked and probably have thousands of people looking at him. He doesn’t care. His just joining in. Being extremely positive 😁

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