19 thoughts on “Autumn Palette”

  1. So much beauty in decay. And I raked a lot of that beauty off my lawn yesterday. Winter renewal is coming, I fear. Stay well Lynette. Allan

    1. In NWT it is already bare since more than a week ago (I took this photo in Penticton). Up here it will be May (or June if we’re late again) before we see the leaves reappear. Ugh.

        1. I unfortunately don’t do much pleasure reading when I’m working as my job is very demanding. I am either in my last or penultimate year of work; I haven’t decided yet. I’ll definitely be catching up on lots of reading when I retire.

          1. I hope you’ll get to know the pleasure of reading when you have the time. I understand what you mean though. When I was still working I barely had time for anything else and the weekends were for catching up on housework and other neglected home jobs. Retirement seemed scary at first but how wonderful it is, is the best kept secret !

          2. I’m happy to hear that! It is a bit scary (do I have enough to be secure? am I going to be bored?) but I’m looking forward to it too. I’ll probably put in another year and then we will do some travelling (I hope covid has moved more into an endemic position by then). It’s quite an exciting prospect when I don’t let my concerns come to the forefront!

          3. I loved my job and I worried that I would miss it. I thought, I can always come back to the staffroom for a coffee at breaktime. I’ve been retired now for many years (retired early) and I have never gone back for that cup of coffee. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. I need not have worried about retirement. It’s the best thing ever. I only wish I could have had my job experiences and been retired at the same time (not possible, of course). But I do LOVE retirement. You needn’t worry about it. There is too much to do to ever be bored.

          4. Thank you. I appreciate your insights and observations. My M retired three years ago and he hasn’t had an issue with it either although he’s been waiting for me a bit. It’s very telling that you never went back to your staff room for coffee!

          5. Yes, not once! And I thought for sure I would. But I had so many projects I wanted to do – things I hadn’t had time for before. I’m sure when you decide to retire, you will love it. I was really nervous about making the big change but I needn’t have been.

    1. Thank you very much. This park is across the street from our present home; we have always enjoyed the proximity (there’s also a lake with a great beach), but we recently sold it and are moving to the other end of town (there are great parks and beaches at that end, too – Penticton sits between two lakes) in November. Our new home is in an area that’s more walkable, something we have been really wanting.

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