11 thoughts on “Autumn Beach”

    1. I took that photo on October 1. It was beautiful and also warm (there had been quite a few people sitting on the beach), but yes, youโ€™re right, there was a distinct sense of transience.

  1. I like it when the tourist time fades away. I know it’s not what businesses like, but just for living in a place it’s nice when things go back to a quieter life.

    1. The locals love spring and autumn when itโ€™s not so crowded. July and August are incredibly busy, and were this year, too, despite the restrictions. Most of the tourists were from other parts of BC; there were some from Alberta, but not as many as usual. The businesses do their bulk of their sales in those two months, and weโ€™re very aware of how much we benefit from having them, but it is nice to have things quiet down.

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