18 thoughts on “Autumn Lake Scene”

  1. I was curious as to why it’s called Great Slave Lake, and found that it’s named after a group of indigenous people in the area known as the Slavey or Slave, so-called by the Crees who made slaves of some of them. Not a particularly pretty history for such a pretty lake!

    1. There’s one more step: the French explorers who first encountered the Cree and saw that they had enslaved the Dene referred to them as “les enclaves” (the enslaved ones), so the word applied to them wasn’t originally English. Great Slave Lake is huge; it’s the tenth largest in the world and as a result has a significant impact on the weather. It behaves more like an ocean than a lake! Cheers.

  2. We’ve not had a hard freeze yet, here in Vermont – it’s at least a couple of weeks late. Tomatoes still producing – and even putting out flowers!

    1. Nice! It sounds like you might have a long slow one. It has been raining here for three straight days and we have edged up against a freeze (there was a thin layer of ice over everything yesterday morning), but nothing too significant yet.

  3. Oh wow. I’m guessing that you already have your winter tires on? We’ve been enjoying some warm weather here in southern Ontario. It’s supposed to go up to 24C on Monday.

    1. Not yet, but in a couple of weeks. Right now I have all-weathers, but they won’t be good enough when the snow really gets going in November. Southern Ontario has been having deluxe autumn weather! Very enjoyable but I also am concerned about climate change. We’re definitely warmer than we should be, even up here.

      1. and there’s what my mum used to call the “blue hour,” as we experienced it living in the Laurentians: just at dusk, when the snow somehow glows blue…

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