39 thoughts on “Fading Creek”

          1. Subarctic north?! Oooohhh …I feel the “cold” just typing the words 🥶 Enjoy as much of Fall as you can 😊

    1. It’s very low right now, and further upstream there are a lot of overhanging trees, so it’s not really a good canoeing waterway. Great to stroll along it though as it passes through the main part of the city.

  1. You are right Lynette. Seeing a place i all seasons reminds you that each stage is transitory. Glad you had a good time back home. Safe travels back to NWT. Allan

    1. This creek runs through the small city (Penticton) where my home is in the Okanagan Valley. This photo was taken from a bridge that’s part of a garden park – the creek passes through it and then empties into nearby Lake Okanagan. We had two major heatwaves with temperatures around 46-47C during the summer along with a drought and forest fires, as well. Despite all that, this little creek is still contains water and has been a support to a lot of wildlife escaping the fires and finding respite in the city’s parks. Autumn is definitely fading it though, and it definitely deserves a rest.

  2. Glad you got to enjoy some of the Okanagan’s beautiful fall time before you head north. With all the smoke earlier in the year I wondered if you would get to enjoy it at all.

    1. Thank you very much, Anneli. It’s a wonder there’s any water left in it after the heatwaves! It was great to enjoy the beautiful seasonal weather (and air quality) without fires and smoke all around.

    1. There are Kokanee salmon in that creek! It’s very low right now after a very hot and drought-dominated summer, so the salmon are having a hard time getting up there. I saw quite a few dead ones on the creek bottom when I took this photo.

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