19 thoughts on “Is It Autumn?”

  1. In Jasper right now, the leaves have dropped significantly over the week we have been here. Heading back to B.C. today to extend our fall. Hope you are enjoying your home time Lynette. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. I love Naramata. My M and I have done lots of walking there and there’s now a fabulous restaurant at the Naramata Inn (we had dinner there a couple of nights ago). So beautiful and laid-back. The little bridge in the photo must be very familiar to you. Cheers.

      1. We had a fine dinner at the Country Squire in Naramata back in about ’75. OMG that is a long time ago. In those days there was also a tea house on the main road from Naramata to Penticton. They made excellent cheesecakes and teas.

        1. The Country Squire is gone (to my knowledge) but there are lots of good places that have continued to survive the pandemic. You can definitely eat well there (and then walk it off while enjoying the most beautiful scenery).

          1. I’m not surprised it’s gone after all these years, but what a meal we had there. It was probably one of the best restaurants in BC at the time.

          2. The Naramata Inn is now making wonderful meals. We felt that the dinner we had there on Wednesday was one of the best we’ve ever had. Like the one from the Country Squire that you still remember, I think we will still be talking about this one years from now!

  2. The horse chestnuts are dropping conkers and leaves are getting a yellow edge. I’d say we’re edging into autumn here. There’s a different feel to the land, more edgy and serious.

    1. There’s definitely some change that occurs, even when it’s still warm out and the foliage hasn’t yet shown any sign. I agree, there’s just a different feel to the land. Here in Penticton (I am currently taking a short break from the north, although I am returning tomorrow), the hazelnut and walnut trees are loaded. The local newspaper posted pictures taken by someone who saw a bear high up in the walnut tree in her yard, contentedly crunching away. He later climbed down and ambled away.

  3. Autumn is coming slowly to New England – there are some splashes of color, but many leaves are just turning brown and falling, apparently due to some virus with all the rain and damp.

  4. Fingers crossed it’s a slow autumn. Yesterday it got up to a high of 25C here (and felt like 29C with the humidity). If it wasn’t for the leaves changing colour, I would have thought it was still summer.

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