Okanagan Reds

During a long walk on Penticton’s nearby KVR trail, I found this very colourful tree. It is undergoing an interesting transformation from green to pure red. This part of the trail is very dry (and especially this year) with powdery soil and many greyish-green sage bushes, so this tree really stood out. It must be very hardy to have stayed green during this year’s drought.

Later on, I found another brilliantly red tree.

They’re so impressively vibrant!

The Okanagan Valley is known for its reds – red wines, that is – but these reds are equally dazzling.

16 thoughts on “Okanagan Reds”

  1. Love the fall foliage. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Okanagan. The leaves in our backyard are just starting to change colour and it’s definitely feeling like fall here.

    1. I do as well (as you can tell). I am enjoying my time – so great to be here for a bit. Enjoy your fall weather. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Ontario in autumn, but I remember it as very beautiful.

    1. Right? Such a beautiful red. I have since spotted several of these trees around and about. I’m going to post some close-ups of the leaves as they turn red from the edge of the leaf without any interim, lighter shades.

  2. Along lakeside near the Japanese gardens there are many lovely red bushes now. The leaves are green all year and turn red this time of year before they fall off, I have one in my yard and I call it a burning bush.

    1. Thank you very much for the pointer! I was walking that way this afternoon but didn’t quite make to the Japanese gardens. I’ll be sure to stop by in the next day or two. There are such amazingly red trees and bushes right now!

    1. Haha. 🙂 I looked up your suggestion, and this definitely could be a euonymus alatus except that the one in the picture is more of a tree than a bush. However, online photos do show examples that are more tree-like. Apparently another name is “fireball.” It is stunningly beautiful, whatever it’s called!

      1. I know from personal & surprising experience in my own garden back east that the burning bush euonymus can grow very tall indeed… but yes, your guy could be something else! I’m no expert — and whatever it is, it sure knows how to do Red

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