15 thoughts on “Autumn Daisies”

      1. MANY years ago when I lived in Dawson Creek, I remember that it snowed on Oct. 5 one year, and two days later it melted. But then it snowed again on Nov. 5 and this time it stayed. It seemed to work as a general timeline for years, but with the climate changing, anything is possible now.

        1. Yes, anything is possible now. Many of the elders here have described very different winter conditions from what exist now. Winters were much colder but also shorter by about six weeks, apparently. Now they just drag on and on and that really is hard on the animals.

          1. The bears in particular were hungry this year because we still had snow in May. Yes, nature is beautiful and terrible. We humans so often feel sentimental about it, but nature is a total pragmatist.

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