26 thoughts on “It’s Starting …”

  1. It is arriving here early as well. My lawn is littered with fallen leaves. But, yesterday was a glorious +25 so no complaints yet. Have a great Labour Day Lynette. Allan

    1. My M is back in Penticton and has said that the weather there is glorious (I’m a bit jealous!). Here it has been variable with rain and mist but days of about 20C occasionally, too. I’m hoping for a very long, gentle autumn after we had such a late spring here in the north! Happy Labour Day to you as well.

    1. Out in the bush, these might likely be very old trail or trap line markers. The trails around YK often have lots of them, but they are now usually placed for artistic reasons or as reminders of the area’s history. Cheers.

  2. Autumn will be here in England soon, too, Lynette. One or two of the smaller birch trees are just starting to display a touch of yellow. But, today, we have 26C, so I’m fine with that!

    1. Already in England, too? But you will have a lovely slow slide into autumn, I think. My M is back in the Okanagan (I am in the north for the next three weeks) where the some of the trees were extremely heat stressed. The leaves were turning brown a month ago, so autumn colours might not be great there this year.

      1. There’s some heat stress here, too. Our weather has been odd to say the least. But things still generally appear okay for the moment. A longish dry spell here is due to end with thunderstorms tomorrow, so we’ll have to see what difference that makes.

        1. Agreed. Very unusual to say the least, but that’s climate change. The fires in British Columbia are finally being put out, thankfully. An enormous amount of woodland went up in smoke this year.

          1. Unfortunately, the firestorms have been duplicated all over the planet – Greece, Turkey, the Amazon, Australia and many other places. It was predicted decades ago that this would be one result of climate change. Only now will people start to notice and maybe even take action. Let’s hope it’s not the usual ‘too little, too late’, eh?

  3. In New England, the green leaves are taking on a golden tinge. Maples that are stressed are turning red – but that’s about normal for this time of year. The trees that are dropping leaves are dropping green ones from stress – this year, maybe too much water!

    1. That’s amazing, but not in a good way. Some of the trees in the Okanagan started turning brown about a month ago; the leaves just dried up from the heat (two major heat waves came through with temps in the high 40sC and then there were the fires). We needed some of your rain! Right now I am in the north where there were normal summer temps, but autumn comes early here.

  4. Always beautiful. I can’t decide if this year went fast or slow. But either way it’s almost here and almost done with. I hope you’ll have an amazing fall!

  5. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and that some of the leaves are already starting to change. Fall is my favourite time of the year, but it feels like it doesn’t last for long before winter comes.

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