Northern Raven

The Northwest Territories has lots of ravens. I don’t really know how they survive the winters, but they do.

Very intelligent and canny and with a wide vocal range, I have seen them plan, act in concert, and then share the proceeds of their cooperation. And I swear that they have a sort of language.

The Dene believe that they are good luck, unless they are calling out to each other at night. That is then a sign that you should hunker down in your house.

Happy Monday; happy week. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Northern Raven”

    1. Ravens have a marvellous repertoire of communications. They use a very soft collection of vocalisations with each other. I can’t remember them exchanging any sorts of loud grating calls at all.

    1. Blackbirds are in a different family from ravens and crows. Blackbirds don’t have the intelligence and definitely not the size, either. Ravens are the largest of the corvid family. I’ve never seen them be aggressive, but they are fearless. They’re very smart. They can use tools and solve puzzles. 🙂

    1. They do! I once saw three of them sitting on a fence chatting away (they seemed to be discussing something). One by one they flew to the ground and poked at something. Then they discussed some more and one bird flew to the ground and flew away with the object (I couldn’t see what it was). A minute or so later this bird came back and poked at he other two, who really seemed to be laughing at him!

  1. It’s incredible how smart ravens are. I remember watching a video not that long ago that features a raven using a plastic cap to slide down a roof in the winter a few times.

    1. There have been studies done that indicate they may be just as smart or smarter than orangutans. They use tools, solve puzzles, plan and collaborate, have a sense of humour and appear to demonstrate love and sadness. When I first came to the north I thought they were the thugs of the bird world. How wrong I was!

  2. Raven, how long must you, I implore,
    Make those night calls I abhor,
    So that each night’s a night of horror?
    Quoth the raven, “Evermore.”

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