14 thoughts on “A Goose Approaches”

  1. Perhaps another human had fed the goose before. Never a good plan for a wild creature. We were used as a gosling training exercise once. Mom and Pop let their kids walk almost right up to us, before stepping forward and hissing at us and the goslings. All stepped back and Mom and Pop seemed to say, “See, that is how it is done”. Have a good Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. The other geese weren’t paying any attention to me at all, just going about their business, but this one followed along for a bit. I’m sure he has been fed by humans. I agree, not a good thing at all. I love your gosling training story; I guess this guy wasn’t paying attention that day. Cheers.

    1. I took this photo in Vancouver, where feeding the birds is strongly discouraged. Here in the Northwest Territories (where I work), people don’t feed the animals. It’s just not part of the northern culture. But tourists and newbies from the south seem to think it’s okay to feed the bears. In some areas, the bears will lie in the roads waiting for people to stop and give them something. Really, really dangerous behaviour.

  2. I shudder to think what these park geese are fed by well meaning but ignorant people. It’s great to see the geese up close, but also sad in a way because they are losing their “wild” habits.

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