Mountain Mist

We left the smoky Okanagan Valley and had a very continuously smoky drive until we reached Jasper National Park …

… where the rain started, lots of it. The atmosphere certainly needed a good cleaning, and I hope this rain was a big help toward dousing some of these wildfires we have.

Happy Monday. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Mountain Mist”

  1. It is good to see the rain anywhere these days Lynette. We got 4 drops here overnight. It is finally cooling down, so looking forward to the slide into fall. Safe travels. Allan

    1. We drove through a lot of rain on our way north, and I understand the summer here wasn’t very good at all, cool and rainy. At least there were no fires. The Okanagan is supposed to get rain this week, fingers crossed.

  2. Yay, rain! It has cooled and dried a bit here in New England, with more pleasant sleeping weather. Our skies are still hazed with western smoke, though. I’m picturing steam as rain hits the burning land – one can only hope!

    1. We drove through a lot more rain today, too, and it was so cool after all the heat! I hope that’s the trend for more southern parts, too. The southern Okanagan is forecast to have lower temperatures and rain this week; I really hope that happens.

  3. It’s amazing how the rain can make such a huge difference sometimes. We finally got some rain last night and our flowers are less droopy and the lawn is already starting to look a bit greener. Hopefully the rain has helped control some of the wildfires.

  4. Your photos remind me of ones I took in Western Montana durning drizzle. My husband and I were moving from Tampa, Florida to Portland, Oregon in June of 1992. Good memoriesx

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