11 thoughts on “August 13’s Friday Flower”

    1. They are a recent discovery for me, too. I saw them in a park planter in Vancouver and realised that they looked like hydrangeas, but also different. I had to look them up. Thanks, Linda, you have a good weekend, as well.

    1. I saw many of them in a large park planter in Vancouver. To me, they definitely had the four-petal hydrangea configuration, but the other little parts of the bloom looked so different. Was a surprise to look them up and find out what they are!

  1. I have one that blooms in a similar way (when it actually blooms) and I’m not as big of a fan. One of the things I love about a classic hydrangea is the huge, full cluster blooms. These that bloom in stages across the cluster don’t give you that same show. It’s still pretty, but if I’d known that was how it was going to bloom, I would have gotten a different type.

    1. The “mophead” hydrangeas (they have large round clusters of flowers and are the ones most commonly found in gardens) are affected by soil ph. This can alter them from red to pink, blue to lavender, and all the shades in between, including a light yellow or cream. Sometimes there are different colours on the same plant. The white hydrangeas aren’t affected by ph and will stay white. Cheers.

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