14 thoughts on “Walking Sights”

    1. Yes, in spite of the heat and smoke from all the fires. But these fields are given lots of water pumped from the lake, so they look very healthy. There are concerns that the quality of the wine grapes will be affected by all the smoke, though.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 It was beautiful in the morning (we were out at 7 a.m.), but by noon the smoke from the big wildfire to the north of us had moved in and our next heat wave had started, too. It’s getting up to 36, 37° – so hot and no rain in the forecast. It was good that we got out as we are totally socked in by smoke today!

        1. It’s bad and today became worse. Health services are now recommending that people with breathing or lung issues shouldn’t go out. My car (in a carport) had ash all over it this morning. These fires are huge and there are a lot of them. I’ve always tried to be environmentally conscious, but this experience has really locked it in!

  1. Stay in and stay safe, Lynette — yesterday afternoon the smokey air reached Vancouver and the mountains disappeared from view; I sat out briefly in late dusk, maybe 15 minutes, and came in coughing — I won’t do that again for a while!

    1. Thanks, Penny. At one point yesterday, trying to see across the road was difficult. I needed to go out to do some errands (I’m heading north tomorrow) and kept my mask on just because of the smoke!

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