I ran into a friend who drives Bear Watching boats the other day. He was in a hurry as he had a boat load waiting for him so I couldn’t chat too much…


An alarming post from Wayne at Tofino Photography. The bears around his area of Vancouver Island aren’t getting enough to eat and as a result are not giving birth to any cubs. Please stop by his blog to read about his concerns.

9 thoughts on “STAND UP”

    1. You’re welcome, Wayne. I’ve stopped eating salmon (wild or farmed). We humans need to be less selfish and greedy, and encouraging continued fishing or fish farming is doing further needless damage to our already massively stressed environment.

      1. 7 people died in Walkerton from Bovine,but nobody wants to get rid of Cows.
        The only reason why fish farms exists is because there are too many people wanting to eat fish. If the farms disappeared tomorrow the wild stocks would plummet because people would still want their fish!
        Then you would see wide spread poaching and the price of a salmon hitting record highs!
        Fish hatcheries are around for the same reason. They try to replenish the fish stocks.

        Basically there are too many people needing to be fed and that’s the root of the problem.

        1. Agreed. There are far too many of us. The planet needs reduction, not growth. However, our diets should be far more dependent on plants. We eat way too much meat (and fish) and our waistlines and blood pressure show it. We would be healthier (and our planet, too) if meat weren’t on the table so often.

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