8 thoughts on “Phlox”

  1. It must be tough to keep a garden growing in Vancouver. Mine is doing better than I thought, but we are still allowed a bit of watering. The petunias are crazy this year. Have a great Tuesday Lynette. Allan

    1. The city isn’t doing any watering at all, which is why all the grass is so brown, and people aren’t supposed to be watering their lawns. It’s apparently okay to water planters and beds. I saw a few homes where the owners were busy getting rid of the lawn. In one case, it was a very small patch of grass at a townhome. Cheers.

  2. I agree with not watering lawns. They are a waste of space in most yards. The Europeans had a better idea a long time ago. Many homeowners there have a tiny veggie garden (and a few flowers) in their front yard. Practical and still pretty. I think maybe the lawn idea took hold in Canada and the US because we have such big properties and the grass is better than having a muck yard.

    1. I agree. I used to live in Germany and that was very much the case. Very practical and pretty at the same time. I think that many of our ancestor immigrants, coming from poor and struggling backgrounds, liked the idea of having a piece of land all their own and the luxury of enough money to just make it be pretty. Now it has just become an expectation, I think. We really don’t need the “green expanse.”

      1. It really bothers me when I see so much water wasted on green lawns in a drought. But I guess as long as we don’t run out, I shouldn’t worry about what other people do. I’m glad you saw the veggie gardens in Germany, so you know just what I was talking about.

        1. I loved the small, practical gardens in Germany. I had a balcony garden where I grew herbs and a few veggies (it was very small and held only one compact chair apart from the pots). The problem with lawns is the amount of energy that goes into producing fertilizer and fresh water as well as the mowing (usually with a gas mower). Overall, lawns cause the production of more greenhouse gases than they can reduce.

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