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    1. I hope that happens soon for you. There’s some talk about requiring Albertans to show proof of vaccination because of the covid rates (as far as I’m concerned, everyone should have to, no matter where you’re from – I’m so done with the non-vaccinated determining the activities of the vaccinated). I don’t envy you your political situation. Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw are couple of jackasses, in my little opinion. Yikes, what a pair.

      1. There are 2 possible scenarios with JK. #1) He wants to scare the non vaxed into getting vaccinations. #2) He wants Ottawa to tell us we can’t do this, so he does not look like the bad guy. Either way, no cojones. I think Deena is caught in a bad place. She likely gave 3 or 4 choices and JK chose the one he thinks will make him a hero. WE are the only place on the planet to try this response. I’m am staying masked and aloof. I never thought I would say I would rather have Doug Ford for my premier. Stay well. Allan

        1. Yup – Doug looks rather shiny in comparison. 😳It’s interesting that the day after Quebec’s premier announced that non-essential activities would require vaccinations, the requests for vaccine appointments went way up. The same has happened in other jurisdictions where that push occurs. It’s a pretty simple way to get people moving on it!

    1. I really like Vancouver (you can probably tell!) and my M grew up there. That’s interesting – if we don’t need or want to leave a place, why should we? 🙂

      1. We complain that the Comox Valley is growing too fast but to go to Vancouver is to tackle those huge crowds, people everywhere, and busy traffic. By comparison, we are “bushed” here on the island.

        1. It wasn’t too crowded because there aren’t as many tourists as usual (most were from BC and a few from AB). It seems that the locals were out in force though because restaurants were busy. Granville Island was busy, too. It’s going to seem like a lot if you’re not used to it, I think. I always have about a day or two of adjustment after coming from the sparsely populated north.

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