Bee Thistle

I found this worker bee very busily nectar-sipping and pollen gathering in this giant thistle flower.

No time for a break! Too much to do!

The bees collect nectar to feed to the young ones back at the hive.

The little ones are going to love this!

Bees eat pollen, but they also spread it from plant to plant, and as a result are massively key to a healthy ecosystem.

Just let me get this last bit …

Without them our world would be in serious trouble. Such lovely, tiny insects are so incredibly important to all living beings.

10 thoughts on “Bee Thistle”

  1. Without these gals, where would we bee? I am so happy to see a big increase in bees around my yard this year and my tomatoes are doing well. Have a great Tuesday, Lynette. Allan

  2. That bee knows how to avoid the prickles. Looks very pretty there. I agree with you that they are “lovely tiny insects.” I’m not generally a fan of insects, but these are almost cuddly.

    1. I found this bee in one of Vancouver’s city garden beds. So beautiful, but most of the plants in hard shape to some extent because of the drought. I was amazing at how adroit this bee was in avoiding the prickles!

  3. You are spot-on with your response to Allan/kagould17. The pandemic, though not fun by any means, forced folks to stay at home and thereby impeded their interference with the delicate balance of the earth. The stunning drop in pollution levels in urban areas, alone, was a massive warning sign. Let’s just hope that enough people took note of this change in human impact. It’s a risky hope, but I still have it…

    1. Thank you. I think that because people have been forced to slow down, it has also drawn attention to this drought (with massive wildfire accompaniment) that half of Canada is experiencing (and the western US also, I think). Suddenly people (here anyway) are beginning to get that we have put our climate in trouble. I hope, too, that it’s enough of a wake-up call that people stay focussed on it post-pandemic.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 This one was incredibly busy and very intent on getting everything from this humongous thistle flower! It’s good to encourage as many as you can, especially if you plan to grow some tomatoes or other veggies next year. 🙂

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