22 thoughts on “July 28’s Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Oh it was. We used a pool scoop, got them on the lawn, and they jumped back in! The second time, we took them to our front yard (by a bunch of shrubbery) which was separated from the pool by a fence. That was a smarter idea.

  1. Love the photo. I had pet ducks (white Pekin) as a kid and loved them so much I got some for my kids years later (truth be told, I got the ducks as much for myself as for the kids).

      1. Yes. — but it didn’t hurt that I was the one who gave the ducks food and water! (Other than that, ducks are low maintenance, as they can stay outdoors in all kinds of weather.)

  2. “like” – do you get people hitting a like button on these posts? Or is it completely missing from everyone’s, not just mine? There are a lot of posts where I don’t feel a need to comment, just want you to know I really did like it!

    1. That is so strange. Yes, the “like” button is working. When you mentioned it earlier (last month, I think) I couldn’t find anything wrong at my end. Thank you for the like and taking the time to bring the issue to my attention. I’ll check again. Cheers.

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