Dear Deer

This little deer stopped by our place for a snack.

Does this one taste good?

She looked a little skinny and bedraggled and her face seemed a bit injured. I wondered if she had escaped our huge, nearby fire.

Maybe I’ll try this one.

She didn’t seem upset or perturbed, though.

No, I like the first one better.

There has been an uptick in the number of deer and other animals (apparently, bears as well) we are seeing in the city, probably because of the fires. They are finding refuge wherever they can, but it’s terrible to realise there are many animals who haven’t escaped or are badly injured.

I’ve been thinking about them a lot.

22 thoughts on “Dear Deer”

  1. This is another tragedy caused by the climate emergency, of course. We had similar intrusions to some of our towns here in UK, Lynette, during the Covid lockdowns. But those animals only entered the towns because traffic and pedestrian activity was severely reduced by the restrictions placed by lockdown. Let’s hope this unusual activity will alert more people to the dangers we’re imposing through our irresponsible activity.

    1. Agreed. We were hit by a heat wave with temperatures in the mid 40s that really dried things out (the Okanagan Valley is just above the northernmost tip of the Sonoran Desert, so it’s natural for summers in my local area to be very dry) much more than is normal and earlier in the season than normal, as well. I also hope more people awaken to the fact that this is the result of climate damage (and those floods in Europe!). Our provincial government still seems asleep though, or at least very groggy!

  2. Yes terrible what happens to all the wildlife as the fires displace them or worse hurt or kill them. And these summer forest fires are getting worse each year it seems.

  3. On one hand, that’s awesome to see a deer so close to your home, but on the other hand, it’s really tragic to hear about the wildfires and the impact it will have on the wildlife.

    1. That’s very true. We have many in the city right now. There are always some around, but this year the number is high. This one was skinny enough that I felt like putting out some lettuce and carrots, but in the long run that’s not helpful to them either.

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