17 thoughts on “Snow-on-the-Mountain”

    1. It’s a lot more controlled in drier areas, I think. But I agree, it has to be something you want and in a specific area. My friend has it in a spot where it’s difficult to grow anything else.

      1. I had a couple of plants that came accidentally with a plant that a friend gave me. Many years later, I’m still fighting to get rid of it. But I agree, that if you have the right spot, it makes a pretty ground cover.

  1. So that’s what this stuff is called. We have some of this in our backyard. It looks pretty, but we have to keep scaling it back as it can quickly get out of control when left on its own!

      1. We had the worst groundcover under a dogwood and we dug it out but the roots are everywhere and it’s a continuous battle. I do think groundcover can be aggressive, but that one is pretty!

  2. In damp (especially this year!) New England, it has crowded out my daylilies. If anyone has suggestions on how to get rid of it without killing the lilies, I’d love to know!

  3. oh good grief, I planted some in my Calgary back yard as ground cover, and I remember a friend visiting who brought along with him his dad, a farmer — the dad stared at me, deadpan, and said, very slowly, “Bishop’s weed. You bought Bishop’s weed. You spent money and bought Bishop’s weed. And you planted it. You planted it. Deliberately.” In his world, you go crazy trying to rip it out.

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