4 thoughts on “Lovely Saturday Trail”

  1. How I long for clear air, so we can get out for some exercise. AQHI was a 10 last night for a while. The promised rain did not arrive. Enjoy your weekend, Lynette. Allan

    1. That’s terrible. We are near a big fire at Okanagan Falls, but the smoke is mostly going south. The air quality does go down in the afternoons, but mornings are fine as you can see from the photo taken at about 9:00 a.m. I hope you get rain soon; here too.

  2. Look marvellous. Glad to see that it’s not hazy in your neck of the woods from all the wildfires. We’ve been experiencing some poor air quality in Southern Ontario for the past few days.

    1. It’s reasonably clear in the mornings although the air quality deteriorates dramatically by the late afternoon. That’s when the wind shifts and the smoke from the huge fire near us starts coming our way. Yesterday it got so dark that we turned on lights. We need rain so badly.

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