16 thoughts on “Friday Flowers”

    1. Do you have a fire nearby or are you getting smoke from BC? We have a large fire near Okanagan Falls (a large part of the town is on evacuation alert) just south of us. The smoke has been moving off at night, so the mornings are clear, but by mid-afternoon it’s quite smoky. The fires this year have been so, so bad.

      1. There are a couple of fires West of us, but they say this is B.C. smoke. The winds are expected to shift, which means we will then get Sask smoke. Ahhhh, summer. Just praying for rain. Allan

  1. The yucca and lavender are blooming in my yard too just now. All that is missing for me is the bottle of wine. That would make the day perfect.
    I’m sorry to hear that the fires are so close. I know what it’s like to choke on smoke when the wildfires get bad.

    1. Orofino is a local winery from the Similkameen Valley. This bottle was an orange muscat; a great summer sipper. Well worth trying.

      The smoke has been clearing off at night; the breeze has been blowing it to the south. But during the afternoon it gets smoky. Not as bad as being in Okanagan Falls though, half of which is on evacuation alert, so I need to remember that it could be a lot worse.

      1. Terrible times to go through, especially for those the path of the fires, although the smoke is bad enough to deal with. I think that bottle of wine should be helpful. Throats are probably raw from the smoke and need soothing.

    1. Yes, it’s always such a lovely indulgence (I love to eat!). I was also glad to see that they had survived and were very busy, but the manager told us they were having issues hiring wait-staff; they had more demand than they could handle. Another pandemic fallout issue …

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