17 thoughts on “Bee Lavender”

    1. I didn’t capture the bees as well as I thought I would; I found two or three in the photo but not in the numbers that were around this lavender bush. I realised later that I needed to try the shot from a different angle to best show how many there were. Lavender is so great; keeps the mosquitoes away, too.

      1. Capturing flying insects on a camera is never easy, Lynette. Our eyes adjust to their movement so quickly, we can be fooled into thinking they’re in an ideal spot. Then we fire the shutter and see the results are entirely different from what we thought we’d seen!

          1. I think so has enough family and friends that she gives most of it away. I always get a few jars. It is the best tasting honey I’ve ever had.

    1. It really did smell amazing, and this was only one bush out of several of a similar size. This area (Naramata, a small town 20 km up the lake from Penticton) is known for its lavender.

  1. Such a generous plant loved by wildlife and humans. I try to propagate the few I have in my garden each year in the hope to have more. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not 🙂

    1. I agree. Generous is a good way to describe it. It’s soothing in oils or lotion, you can cook with it, it supports bees, and it looks beautiful. It even keeps mosquitoes away! A truly amazing plant. 🙂

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