Today’s #Picture 28/Jun/21

A Side Street in St Tropez Enjoy!#View my pictures here. You can buy them as digital files, framed prints, canvas wraps, or Giclee art prints.

Today’s #Picture 28/Jun/21

I very much like this candid shot of Stuart’s taken in a side street in St Tropez. I wonder what the young woman on the right was saying.

12 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture 28/Jun/21”

  1. Me, too, Lynette. Unfortunately, it was in rapid French, and I was distracted by the woman in front of us suddenly stopping to look in the shop window on the left! So, it’s one for the imagination of the viewer.

        1. Thanks, Anneli. I spent a couple of years working as a press photographer, so I’m probably still alert to that sort of thing even almost 50 years later!

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