Today’s #Photograph 18/Jun/21

Seats in the Sun Enjoy!#View my professional pictures here, where you can buy them as digital files, framed prints, canvas wraps, or Giclee art …

Today’s #Photograph 18/Jun/21

These bright yellow chairs sitting in the sun remind me that in about four days, I will be starting my holidays and heading to my home in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. For the most part, it will be a staycation. Looking forward to it.

8 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 18/Jun/21”

  1. First thing you’ll have to do is buy a big bottle of sunscreen. I’m happy for you, Lynette. At last you get to soak up some warmth and sunshine. Remember those icicle days when you feel it’s too hot. Might be nice to have an icicle handy on those really scorching hot days, but not the whole “icicle package.” Enjoy!

    1. Thank you very much for your good wishes, Anneli. 🙂 I certainly will remember the icicle days and appreciate the warmth; it’s in the low 30s in Penticton but I am going to sit by the lake and go in for a dip when I get too hot. 😉 It really was a long time in this protracted winter and then the rainy, mosquito-laden spring!

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