11 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 16/Jun/21”

    1. This is a ‘Forest Road’ in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, Anneli. It leads from the main road into the trees above the village where I live. It serves the Forestry Commission when they harvest the trees, but is only rarely used by them, as they manage the forest very well. Mostly ramblers and dog walkers use the track, and we don’t walk it often, as we prefer to walk in the trees to the left of the picture. To the right it’s almost impossible to walk, as the hillside there is very steep! I took this shot one day when we emerged from the trees and the lighting was just right.

        1. Fortunately we do, Anneli. Our daily walks here have kept us more or less sane during this period of ‘lockdown’ during the Covid crisis, when we’ve been unable to travel far from home.

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