Happy Surfers

Many people think that animals aren’t capable of doing things just for fun, but these penguins definitely are!

Taking a little time off and enjoying a day of surfing at the beach makes for a happy penguin.

Falkland Islands: These penguins were
surfing the waves on to land and looked so happy each time.

Happy Thursday. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Happy Surfers”

    1. They do! They often seem to be having a good time. Of course, the business of survival is rather serious, especially for the Antarctic penguins, so they have to enjoy some fun when they can!

  1. We watched the seals rolling in the surf at La Jolla, California. They repeated it over and over and over, each trying to outdo the other. I think birds and animals know what fun is. Stay well Lynette. Allan

  2. Watching the actions of many of the birds, I think it’s likely most of them do certain things just for the joy of the motion. A bird of prey, playing with the air currents, waterfowl splashing and diving, and, definitely your penguins, Lynette. There is fun and enjoyment in the activity of many wild creatures.

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