Happy Nuthatch

Nuthatches are bright, lovely little birds. They are omnivores, so they eat bugs as well as seeds. I have seen them join in with a group of seed-gobbling sparrows or finches; they seem to get along well with others!

They are amazing little acrobats, too. They will climb down a tree – an unusual ability for most birds.

And their cute little upturned beaks? Adorable!

6 thoughts on “Happy Nuthatch”

  1. They look super adorable. I like them even more after learning that they also eat bugs. We are dealing with an infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars. Too bad the birds can’t go after them.

    1. Blue jays and orioles love caterpillars and will gobble them up. Chickadees love to eat their eggs, so they do have a number of bird predators.
      The little nuthatches pick smaller bugs out of tree bark, which is why they have evolved to be such nimble climbers, and they do like to eat tent caterpillars. They are so cute and sociable!

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