18 thoughts on “June 10’s Thursday Therapy”

    1. They are incredibly cute (and smart, and yes, destructive). Years ago, I watched a Suzuki documentary about raccoon communities living in Toronto. They are amazingly smart, and adapt immediately to any barriers that humans put up to try to defeat them. They have certainly evolved to take advantage of people and city life.

    1. They are so cute, and no one can deny that the little ones are totally adorable, but yes, they are very smart and will figure out a way of getting at all kinds of dinner possibilities. I knew someone many years ago who had them living in his attic. He had a terrible time getting them out of there.

  1. When you’ve lived in downtown Toronto near a ravine, and successive racoon families make your back yard their toilet… you no longer think them cute. I know, I know, we’re squeezing them, where are they supposed to go, and yes, they are ingenious and yes and yes we must live with the rest of nature for we are all part of it … but OMG, you do not want to know the details of soupy racoon poop.

    1. Nope. I can probably go for a really long time without having to learn soupy raccoon poop details. I’ve never had to personally deal with them, so I admit that my comments are very naive.

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