32 thoughts on “June 3’s Thursday Therapy”

          1. I think so, but I’m not sure. I kind of thought he was a fully fleshed out character in the original, but as a fan favorite, we’re supposed to follow as they delve into the psyche of a squirrel 😂

          2. I went to school where there were some brutal squirrels. They had personality, but I never interviewed one to find out how deep they could go. Mostly just spent a lot of tim ducking the rocks they threw at us before giggling and tearing up trees

          3. They were evil. And when I went to South Africa there was one squirrel in particular that my father absolutely hated. Still remembers the actual squirrel from a picture and can’t be fooled by an almost exact twin. We were walking through a little park. This damned thing flew out a tree and jumped on his head then darted down his back and picked his pocket! It didn’t really want it though and threw it on the ground and jumped back into a tree. 10 years and my dad is still mad at that squirrel.

          4. If I made a post about that squirrel, I would end up with a series dedicated solely to the crazy things that have happened to my father in vacations. He can start his own blog 😂

          5. Already today, there has been a key incident, a wallet incident, an epic battle with a hill, a death defying stunt on horseback (poor horse!) and a shirt full of pasta. Yes, this is my dad and not the 2 year old 😂

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