12 thoughts on “Robin”

  1. We are seeing more this year than in the past 5 years. The crows had chased most of the robins out of our little city, but now that the Merlin is returning the favour and chasing the crows out, the robins are back singing sweetly. Have a great Wednesday Lynette. Allan

    1. Robins are quite rare here in NWT (and it seems that I’m generally just not seeing as many as I used to). The ravens will eat small birds. This year is different, though. Lots of smaller birds and the ravens have taken off somewhere. It’s possibly a similar situation as I’ve seen (more that I’ve heard) an abundance of owls lately. Nice that the Merlin is having that effect.

    1. I had forgotten that lovely old song; thanks for bringing it back.
      Actually, I can answer your question. 🙂 Robins were tagged as “red” before the word “orange” had entered the English lexicon as a descriptor for colour. I think it came in purely as descriptor for the fruit and then the word was transferred to the fruit’s colour as well. I took a couple of courses in old and Middle English. 🙂

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