12 thoughts on “May 28’s Friday Flower”

    1. Lilacs are very common in Canada and are also very hardy. They will tolerate poor soil and the cold and are resistant to bugs and disease. They are very versatile and will spread easily. And those blooms! The scent is magnificent!

  1. Love lilac! My white one barely bloomed this year as our weather was kind of ugly. I adore the purple, but I don’t have room for a second one.

    1. They have been few and far between here as well. The spring just has been so slow and cold. A house I owned a few years ago had lots of them; they were so beautiful and the scent was gorgeous.

    1. To you, too! They are so pretty and the smell is so great. I haven’t seen many about this year, but that’s understandable as it’s been such a cold spring. We still have patches of snow in places.

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