24 thoughts on “Pacific Ocean”

    1. I tried to get the “like” button fixed, but here’s what came back from my query:
      Hi There,

      Thanks for writing, happy to help you.

      The like button can only be used by users that are signed in to their WordPress.com account. It is a facility for WordPress.com members only and hence will not be visible to users who login otherwise.

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      Norman – Happiness Engineer | Automattic Inc. |

      It’s weird because the like button is visible on other posts. Maybe it’s being discontinued.

      This was taken off the coast of British Columbia near Powell River. Thanks for your like. 🙂

      1. We have the beach about 30 minute drive away but it doesn’t look like that! And the North Sea is always a bit chilly…

        1. I have been to the North Sea, and yes, it’s different. The Pacific Northwest (from Oregon through to Alaska) has huge forests growing right down to the ocean, and that’s not a familiar sight to most people (or how they envisage an ocean should look).

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