May 17’s Monday Marvellous

I feel like publishing photos of home right now as I’m quite wistful for it.

Skaha Park with Skaha Lake through the trees. My home is close by.

Here in Northwest Territories, it has been a very long, long winter, literally, and although the record-breaking amount of snow we had has melted, the temperature hasn’t gone up much.

There’s been a lot of rain, too, and now there’s flooding in some areas.

With the addition of all the COVID anxieties and concerns, the last 15 months have been challenging.

I am looking forward to a break, at home, soon.

Happy Monday, happy week. 🙂

24 thoughts on “May 17’s Monday Marvellous”

  1. Yes, your winter has hung on way to long. I can understand your wish to return to Penticton Lynette. Spring is finally here and we could use some of your rain. Stay well and have a happy week. Allan

    1. It’s really too bad that we can’t ship some in tanker trucks. We have a lot more than we need! I’m thinking that with all the water we’ve had, the mosquitoes are going to be brutal, too.

    1. It’s really a beautiful park and just across the street from our house. Can’t wait to just chill out with nothing much to do except read, walk, or simply enjoy the weather. 🙂

      1. That uninterrupted reading thing–love it. I’ll be on a plane for four hours (or six) and that is what I most look forward to. Certainly, not the food!

  2. Well, it’s clear why you want to return home, Lynette. Living in an area of such beauty, even without the long and cold winter you’ve had, you’d want to be home as soon as possible.

    1. Penticton doesn’t get much snow, either. Maybe a bit of slushy snow a couple of times during the winter. Yes, it is a very beautiful area and after this work year, I’m just looking forward to a period of do-nothing-much relaxation time. I’ve built up six weeks of holidays and plan to enjoy every second. I think that part of my problem is my age, too. I need real downtime now in order to feel refreshed.

      1. You’ve earned that break, Lynette.
        As for recovery time, I understand that only too well. Had a five mile walk yesterday and need a rest today!

        1. Thank you, Stuart. It has been stressful with all the covid regulations here at work and just generally. Employees have been in varying states of worry, as well. All of us deserve r and r. I need to recharge, yes. This getting older bit doesn’t help in that department!

    1. Yes, this has been a challenging work year, mostly because of covid, but this longer-than-normal winter hasn’t helped. I have six weeks of holidays coming up in June, so I will be back in Penticton. I don’t care if the restrictions are still in place, I just want to enjoy the weather (and some wine, too)!

    1. Here in the subarctic the end of winter and the start of spring has been very unpredictable, even for this part of the world. The picture is from my home in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, which is much, much more temperate. I will be there in five weeks for holidays. 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s going to be fun holiday. Hopefully where you are now turns a little more warm and even. It’s just been an unpredictable two years. But glad to see you still smiling 🙂

        1. Thanks, Benjamin. It will warm up here as the daylight hours become very long (right now we only have 5 hours of darkness at night, and this will drop to about three at the solstice). But it has also been unusually overcast too, so the heat hasn’t been able to get going yet. I’m going to be off for six weeks in one of the world’s most beautiful spots. so I’m looking forward to that!

          1. Oh wow, only three hours! That’s so little. But maybe it’s nice, too. I do enjoy the later nights with sun. Okay, that sounds amazing where you’re going. Enjoy your holiday!

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