It’s a Monster!

Dene oral tradition refers to a deadly monster who would sometimes confront kayakers as they attempted to travel or hunt.

In earlier times, the idea of this fanged and tailed crocodile-like creature trying to grab a kayak and its occupant would have inspired a great deal of consternation!

A very scary creature.

Although it certainly still does, the weather is now defeating this monster snow carving. We are much warmer and the sun is shining, a very welcome change!

We still have a lot of snow on the lakes, but it, and the ice underneath it, will soon be gone.

Happy week! 🙂

11 thoughts on “It’s a Monster!”

  1. Here’s to the spring melt Lynette. We had some rain/snow overnight on Saturday, but still need moisture to cure the dry conditions. Have a great week. Allan

  2. The monster would hold well here over the next few days… we have a chance of snow tomorrow morning, which is a very rare April “treat” this far south! Don’t know if there are any kayakers on the Mississippi River, though…

    1. Yikes! At the risk of stating the obvious (but I have to) – that’s unusual! I’m sure the Mississippi has seen its share of every kind of boating there is – Huck Finn and his raft, assorted others. 😉

    1. They certainly did! There was probably some truth in the original event, such as a whale raising havoc or something like that, and then it got changed over the tellings to make it more exciting. But yes, the sun is melting this particular monster! The warmth was so great today on my walk home from work. Didn’t need to wear a jacket.

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