A Water Sign

Well, it’s a frozen water sign. Aquarius the water-carrier, to be exact, which is kind of perfect, because this frozen water is carrying cars and trucks.

I know that I’m really stretching this symbol, but I like the idea of the Aquarian water-carrier carrying ice for a safe crossing on an ice road.

Don’t exceed 40,000 kg!

This ice road crosses Great Slave Lake between Yellowknife and Dettah. In the summer, you have to go around, and that takes about 20 minutes more.

A sunny shortcut!

I hope we all soon experience some sunny and safe shortcuts. After all, most of us have had to do the long way around for the better part of a year.

Happy mid-week. 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Water Sign”

    1. It certainly is! Although I have to say that my weirdest driving experience ever occurred on March 18, 2020 when I arrived in Toronto right after the shutdown. There was no traffic! It was like one of those zombie apocalypse movies.

      1. I remember the early days of the pandemic too. We took advantage of the empty roads and went for lots of hikes out of the city. Back then everyone was afraid and actually followed the public health restrictions and stayed at home (after they stocked up on 5 years worth of toilet paper that is). It feels like forever ago.

  1. Puts a whole new spin on road wash outs, does it not. Looks like a ways to go to spring yet Lynette. Our weekend snow is mostly gone and we are headed for +18 by Saturday. It does seem an odd spring, but then, I guess they all are here. Stay well. Allan

    1. Hahaha! 🙂 Sure does! We are slated to have a high of 11C tomorrow – yay! But we have so much snow that we’re all a little concerned about where the water will go. In any case, I’m still going to enjoy it!

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