Bison and Muskox

There are many woodland bison everywhere here in the north. In the spring and summer, they love to loiter on the roads, and drivers have to be very cautious of them, especially at night. Sometimes, a congregation of them will make the traffic wait. There’s no way you want to try to herd or nudge a bison, as they will charge if annoyed.

Try explaining that to your insurance. “I was just stopped on the road, minding my own business, when a bison came out of nowhere and ran full-tilt at my car …” Yup, okay.

So it makes sense to include one of these iconically northern animals …

… along with a snow sculpture of a muskox. Also notoriously bad-tempered, you do not want to upset them.

Photo by Florian Schulz

The snow sculpture looks much more docile, though, especially as it’s missing its horns. Very tempting for children, I think!

Despite that, the artist did quite a good job, don’t you think?

Happy Monday, happy week. 🦬

20 thoughts on “Bison and Muskox”

    1. It is absolutely beautiful. I have seen (and felt) some of the scarves and sweaters made from qiviut. The blankets are amazing. Must be a total pleasure to work with it.

  1. Lynette, majestic animals and yes, I wouldn’t want to try and write out this explanation to the car insurance. Bad enough when my husband hit a deer – twice in one year! (Luckily both survived and all in car okay.) The sculpture is magical and beautifully serene.

    1. Twice in a year might cause questions and/or scrutiny. Good to know everyone was okay. I have known that to happen before though. My boss hit two bison within six months – he was lucky he survived as they are very large, but he walked away from both.

    1. Right? Sometimes they will just stand in the road and stare at you, daring you to come closer. And yes, “what are you going to do about it?” They always remind me of tough New Yorkers. 😉

  2. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that we have such different driving obstacles. We have to worry about traffic and other drives, while you have to worry about wildlife like bison stopping on the road or hitting your car. I’ve seen bison a few times, I wouldn’t want to piss them off.

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 So true – that’s life in Canada! The bulls can be enormous and extremely bad-tempered, and despite their size they are very agile. I always get a bit nervous seeing them on or near the roads as they are totally unpredictable.

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