The snow next to my front door is melting.

This is the snow that has been shovelled for the last several months from my steps, and it contains bits of sand and paint. Paint on steps doesn’t do well in this environment.

The snow awning is more under control now, too.

Spring icicles are much more welcome than autumn ones.

Happy mid-week. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Melting”

      1. Plus temps, eh? That must be so encouraging. Our weather is all over the place. This week we’ve had record highs for March and we’re expecting frost and even possibly snow by Monday! Exactly the sort of changes the climate change prophets predicted.

        1. Yes, we have definitely had some upping and downing; the north is being hit hard with the overall warmer temperatures. The entire ecosystem is built on snow and cold, and if that’s unstable, all the animals are affected. For example, the bears will be awakened by unseasonably warm weather, but there won’t be anything for them to eat. They may or may not go back to sleep, so their whole cycle is disrupted.

          1. Aye, our impact on the climate is certainly no help to wildlife, Lynette. There is plenty of evidence that out negative impacts are at least partly responsible for the growing species extinction. But governments and Big Business seem to have no idea of how urgent the problem now is. I was hoping the Covid pandemic might change some minds, but we’ll be back to normal very soon, unfortunately.

          2. Yes, I agree. One of our provinces is insisting on keeping businesses open in spite of soaring variant infections. Their chief public health officer should be fired. She announced yesterday that the high case load had nothing to do with the open economy. Many people can’t see anything else but what they can put in their pockets, and this is aided by their religious beliefs (humans – read “men” – over everything else). This particular premier is a religious zealot.

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