Snow Awning

This should give you an idea of how much snow is on my roof. I took this on Tuesday (March 16).

It’s beginning to melt and I’m starting to think we had better knock some of it down. I wouldn’t want any of that falling on my head!

Today, the icicles were starting to develop …

Do you see the bird?

… and we had +7°C! It was such a nice break after literally, months of -30 and -40 … and sometimes, I really just didn’t want want to know. It was better that way.

The snow was soft and beginning to be slushy; snowballs were waiting to be made, snow sculptures were waiting to be found.

Yay! Bring on the melt!

Happy weekend. 🙂

40 thoughts on “Snow Awning”

  1. I always love how the snow sweeps over the eaves making cornices that defy gravity. Mine are all long gone as is almost all the snow on the ground. I had my eavestroughing replaced this week. Yesterday was +15 and the same is expected today. Ready for the bicycle. Stay well Lynette. Allan

    1. Our snow awning is mostly the result of a lot of snow on the roof that’s beginning to melt and slide. We don’t get a lot of wind where we are as it’s quite protected, but I understand what you’re saying.
      Enjoy your +15! It’s warming here but not that quickly.

  2. Is that also a couple layers of ice underneath that is sliding with it? Yikes! Definitely wouldn’t want to be standing under that when it fell. It is really pretty and interesting to look at, though I don’t envy your roof.

    1. The ice has been created by the sun shining on it during the day and then it freezes at night, so that layer wasn’t on the roof. Basically, the roof snow is getting soft and is starting to very slowly slide off. We tried knocking it off but it’s surprisingly solid yet.

  3. We’re at the same temp as you today, but we’re going up to 18c, 65f over the weekend. Yay!

    Yeah, good idea to knock off some of that snow awning. Looks pretty heavy, and at those melting temps, you could get an ice surprise atop the head.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. How lovely! Enjoy that nice weekend weather. 🙂

      We tried knocking it down, but it’s really on there. It’s supposed to rain, so that should soften it enough to get it down. I certainly wouldn’t want that load whacking me on the noggin!

    1. I thought it would be relatively easy to nudge some of it down, but it’s really clinging. It’s going to have to get a bit warmer before that overhang loosens enough. We’ll be keeping an eye on it.

      1. I watched a couple of guys shifting snow from Canadian roofs in a clip from a TV programme, Lynette. They clearly misjudged the situation and were lucky to live through it! Looked like a pretty dangerous job to me.

        1. Agreed, that’s very dangerous. My understanding is that a properly built (northern) roof doesn’t need to have the snow removed, just the snow that hangs down around the eaves. Most Canadians wouldn’t do (or require) roof snow removal. Sounds like these guys were really trying to sell snow to northerners and got caught.

          1. Now I think more about it, this may well have been from USA. It was a while ago I saw it! It reminded me of the Darwin Awards!

  4. That is an impressive amount of snow! Can’t wait to see what the icicles look like. We’ve been enjoying blue skies and sun here. Today it went up to 13C. Practically shorts wearing weather.

  5. Yeesh – that’s a lot of snow! Our roof looked like that our first winter here, but not since. We’re actually seeing some green grass right now! Just a few blades, but they’re there! 🙂

    1. Yup, it’s a lot. Been snowing here for a while – much longer than usual.

      Green grass? I can see some green peeking out of the snow-covered evergreens, but no grass for me yet. Sigh. The town did a bunch of extra snow clearing yesterday and piled it up in a vacant lot. I’ll have to take a photo of it because it’s like a small mountain.

    1. Actually, not as bad as it could be. The snow along the edge of the roof is sliding off because it’s being warmed up by the sun – a good sign of warmer temps and a stronger sun. 🙂

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