I have been looking for signs …

… of a loosening, of a collapsing of cold, of a melting.

And there have been. Warmer temperatures have started, and while they are for now frequently driven out by the colder ones, eventually they will dominate, at least for a while.

I was very pleased to see this icicle a few mornings ago. Such a good sign.

Happy mid-week. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Signs”

    1. Actually, that one was a bit of a baby. We have a lot of snow, so when it really starts to melt, we will have giant ones hanging from roofs, streetlights, vehicles, anywhere that the snow has collected.

      1. That’s amazing. We don’t get much snow now( used to get lots when I was younger) others cold but not your kind of cold. Where are you?

          1. I guess it’s all whatever you’re used to. Driving in the snow and on ice is a part of life in Canada, especially northern Canada. I used to live in Arizona and helped people who didn’t know what to do if they had a little frost on their windshields. For most, it was outside their experience. UK also doesn’t experience much in the way of challenging winter driving conditions, so it must be rather difficult for a lot of people.

          2. I bet it’s spectacular. In Europe snowtryes are a normal thing but here we always seem to get caught out. A couple of millimetres of snow and everything stops. Happens every year. Different in Scotland as they are top of the U.K.

          3. I used to live in Germany and yes, winters are required on the vehicles, but even a minor dusting of snow would bring traffic to a crawl. People felt very scared by snow or ice, and Germany regularly gets both. When I changed my driver’s license I had to take very extensive road and classroom courses that covered everything, even CPR. The missing piece? Nothing at all about winter driving, not even a mention.

          4. That’s crazy isn’t it!I was driving a van a few years ago and skidded on black ice. Ended up in a ditch looking at the sky. The last bad snow we had was about 3 years ago. ‘The beast from the east’ it was nicknamed. Very cold for a few weeks. I guess you get used to the freezing weather where you are.

          5. I’m assuming you weren’t injured, just shaken up? I have run off the road on black ice, as well. No fun there. For me, it’s not so much that I get used to it, it’s more that I’ve learned to deal with it. I’m prepared with the right clothes and tools (survival kit, tow rope, extra wiper blades, etc.) in the back of my truck and am very respectful of the conditions. I will be spending one more winter (15 months to go!) before retiring to my home in British Columbia. Very temperate winters there! Here’s a link.

          6. That looks like paradise….I’m not jealous…..good for you Im sure you’ll be very happy there. Yeah just a few bruises. It was the propane gas bottles in the back of the van I was worried about! One of them was leaking, we could hear the hissing. Was out of that van faster than Usain Bolt.

  1. Icicles are a good sign? Our snow is almost all melted. I told Anneli that yesterday I went for a brief walk in jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan sweater only! It’s been warm here all week, but colder temps are coming in tomorrow night. It’s supposed to rain, which means at least it’s not cold enough for snow. Crossing fingers we get no more of that white stuff. Hope your winter is melting into spring asap.

    1. Yes. 🙂 I think Anneli responded to you below but for some reason her comment didn’t join yours. Icicles mean that the snow is beginning to soften and melt from the power of the sun. Our days are getting much longer now and a lot sunnier.

      Walking in jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater? I’m totally envious now! One of the best things about rain is that you don’t have to shovel it. 😉

  2. The icicles are a good sign because the temperature had to warm up enough to form them. I remember them hanging from the eaves all around our house and my mom warning us not to stand under them in case they fell (and they sometimes did). That would hurt!

  3. Impressive!
    Do you remember the Peanuts comic strip when Snoopy had an icicle hanging over him? I think it ran for a week or more! 😀

    1. I didn’t remember that one so I looked it up. I loved it! 🙂 Snoopy saved by a pizza.

      The icicle in the photo is relatively small; we tend to grow them really big up here, dangerously big, actually. We have someone who goes around breaking them off.

  4. Seeing that icicle gives me flashbacks! I was so happy today to be able to drive around with the window down. I hope we’re done with icicles for the year…

    1. I keep hearing about all these great temperatures! My home is in British Columbia (Okanagan Valley) and it’s been so nice there (it’s very mild through the winter) that I’ve really been quite envious. Enjoy your great weather – I’ll be looking forward to reading about your hikes. 🙂

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